Although Choice’s strength lies with horticultural sundries and plants, they have also negotiated excellent trading terms with numerous suppliers across gifts, Christmas, food, home and outdoor leisure sectors which has been great for our business.

The off-invoice discounts we enjoy have made a significant improvement to our operating margin but in addition to that, the turnover based rebates that we earn on purchases with Choice suppliers, total tens of thousands of pounds and make a sizeable contribution to our bottom line.

I really value the networking opportunities and the camaraderie that exists within Choice. Chatting to Choice colleagues either by phone, or in person at one on the many trade events, and at the Choice conference has, on so many occasions given me really valuable insight. I have received recommendations for service providers, found out about new suppliers, learnt about fast selling products that I didn’t even stock, and have had the opportunity to discuss new trends and issues that affect my business, with people I can trust and whose opinion I value. 

There is definitely strength in numbers. When negotiating prices, or discussing delivery issues, or credit terms or stock availability or any other preferential terms or supplier issues, there is no doubt that having the weight of Choice behind you is a real advantage.

The same applies to crisis management. When big issues arise such as a supplier collapse, a nationwide stock shortage or something much more serious such as the recent covid outbreak, it is very reassuring to know that you have the support of the Choice team as well as colleagues around the country.  

When these type of events occur, the Choice team spring into action, securing alternative stock, arranging delivery schedules and setting up good lines of communication with personnel from key suppliers, whilst feeding information and regular updates back out to the membership.

I am very confident that we have received better terms, better service and better stock availability from suppliers, as a direct result of our association with Choice Marketing.