Choice Marketing collaborates closely with over 250 top industry suppliers, providing exclusive terms and rebates to Members. These benefits are only accessible through Group Membership.

Being a member gives you access to preferential group buying terms, that most centres cannot negotiate by themselves.

The Product Forum, led by Choice members and supported by the executive team, focuses on negotiating contracts, trading terms, and promotions with suppliers and service providers. Agreements are crafted to ensure commitment from suppliers, allowing them to offer favourable trading terms.

Our current suppliers span various garden retail categories, including plants, sundries, outdoor furniture, giftware, homeware toys, food, catering supplies, Christmas, and non-retail services. We categorise our suppliers into Associate Suppliers, Major Associate Suppliers and Partner Suppliers.

Members within Choice work together and prioritise suppliers who support our work with the end goal being to secure the best terms and prices. All members enjoy a share of a significant financial rebate, which is paid to us by our suppliers, and redistributed back to the members annually, based on the individual turnover each member achieves.